All the tools you need to manage your digital asset's lifecycle, reuse and distribution  

assetSERV Digital Asset Management Platform, enables you to work flexibly  with your digital assets and provides agility to keep pace with today’s consumers. Innovative features such as modern and robust security, advanced search and sharing features, seamless integration with upstream and downstream applications, and state-of-the-art collaboration capabilities are few of our many strengths that help us set the global pace for digital asset management. 




Easy Uploads

Collect, analyze, sort and upload multiple assets at one go with absolute ease. Cognizant's assetSERV platform is capable of managing huge amounts of data which helps internal teams save time and reduces manual work.


Powerful Search

Find your assets quickly with our powerful search options. Use one or all of our many search features – quick search, filters, color search, and advanced search – to find files that you need instantaneously. 



Smart Governance

Review and generate reports on key metrics, define users rules and establish role-based access to manage workflows with ease. assetSERV's centralized dashboard enables you to monitor account usage and user behavior in a detailed audit trail report. 


Secure File Sharing

Replace risky data sharing via portable devices and emails with our secure and robust file sharing system. Share as many files as you want without worrying about file system limitations or compromising file safety.    



Advanced Collaboration Platform

Enable geographically diverse teams to work more efficiently and reduces time-to-market for content. Annotate on images, chat with other users and check-in check-out assets for a more efficient and streamlined online collaboration process.    



Seamless Integration

Easily integrate with upstream and downstream applications such as ERP, legacy systems, SalesForce applications, content delivery networks, CRM applications, WCM, etc. through its powerful APIs.  


Simplified Distribution Network

Implement a role-based access system to make sure the right content is available to the right stakeholders in its latest and greatest versions. assetSERV can also ensure license misuse is prevented with robust Digital Rights Management capabilities. With ability to manage more than 200 formats, ensure you have ready content for all your needs.

We have a huge list of features that can help you with your Digital Asset Management and Distribution. Schedule a demo today to get an exhaustive list of features and see them in action.