Digital Asset Management Services

Providing you professional service through the entire value chain of Digital Asset Management 

The assetSERV Packaged Services Advantage

Cognizant offers organizations end-to-end packaged support services for their existing DAM systems and processes. These services include key offerings such as digital curation, content migration, asset governance and digital rights management. 


Manual and Time Consuming Process

assetSERV helps in Asset Retrieval & Consolidation – Liasoning with creative agencies thus helping organisations automate the entire process of gathering from various sources.



Asset Shifting and Filtering

Labor-intensive and expensive

We help organisations with Asset analysis, sorting and selection – and finally working with Marketing team to arrive at the final list of digital assets.



Asset Upload

Marketing Team's productivity is wasted

We help organisations with low value mundane tasks such as Asset Upload & Content migration between repositories. This frees the team up to capitalize on more important marketing activities.


Metadata Tagging

Tedious and involves multiple stakeholders

assetSERV also offers assistance in Asset Tagging and Taxonomy Maintenance thus saving a lot of time.



Validation and Approvals

Limited traceability

assetSERV DXM is one stop shop for all your digital assets and collateral. Workflow optimization is an ongoing activity thus having only the latest and the greatest assets in place.




Asset Curation 

Lack of single source of truth

Regular DAM Cleanup which involves removing duplicate assets is carried out, thus having a single source of truth at an organisational level.





Downstream Collaboration

Inconsistencies in Global and Brand Governance

We have an on-call support in place to clarify all queries, thus preventing branding inconsistencies.



Asset Tweaking (Localisation)

Duplication of effort resulting in unnecessary Capex/Opex 

assetSERV offers a Localization support which caters to any tweaking and localisation needed.




Asset Use and Re-Use (Campaigns)

Lack of asset tracking, usage and enforcement

With Digital Rights in place we can have a strict procedure that ensures asset tracking and usage. Also, we can use the existing assets for any future campaign with minor localisations in place.




Asset Archival

This includes Auditing & Managing Archived Assets. With an expiry date as one of the metadata fields, we can ensure archival of your digital assets thus maintaining only the latest assets in circulation.


Why you need the assetSERV Packaged Services Advantage

The management of DAM systems and processes can sometimes become extremely complex for marketing teams. Activities such as gathering data, uploading assets, metadata tagging, asset archival, complying with legal and compliance requirements or even asset curation requires a clear and automated framework for smooth functioning and easy management. Our packaged services offers organizations the opportunity to create the necessary support layer around their products. 

Asset Curation

Cognizant empowers your marketing team with the right DAM tools and works with them to collect, analyze, sort, and upload assets, eliminating the need for internal teams to focus on these manual and time-consuming tasks. Furthermore, assetSERV also simplifies arduous activities such as content migration and consolidation.



Support Services – Creative and Application Support

assetSERV’s Packaged Services includes support for both creative services and applications. Cognizant assists marketers in efficiently localizing assets to reduce additional capital expenditure and operational expenditure, and at the same time, optimizes asset usage and reuse during marketing campaigns, ensuring asset tracking and rules enforcement. assetSERV also offers on-call support to eradicate inconsistencies in global brand governance. 

Digital Governance

assetSERV can assist with tedious tasks that require the involvement of multiple stakeholders such as tagging assets based on approved taxonomies, maintaining taxonomies across projects and phases, optimizing workflows, and managing repositories to ensure a seamless user experience. assetSERV also ensures that assets are appropriately utilized based on usage rights as well as audits, ensuring that expired assets are managed appropriately to avoid legal issues.