Ready integration with tool of your choice - Web Content Management, PIM, CRM, Creative tools and more

Smart, Seamless Integration

assetSERV can smartly integrate with your current IT setup and leverage it to improve functionality and speed, and provide cost savings. assetSERV acts as your central, nimble hub for various types of marketing collateral and digital content with information flowing smoothly across endpoint systems. With our open APIs, we seamlessly integrate with CRM and ERP systems, e-commerce setups, web content management, social relationship tools, content delivery networks, business intelligence management and other crucial applications in the technology ecosystem. 



User Management (SSO)

assetSERV offers a holistic solution for creating and managing users in your system. Our solution offers a wide array of user management capabilities such as user self-registration; a dedicated admin page for administrators to create and manage user accounts; and integration with BPMN workflow to enable complex approval-based user registrations. 





Web Content Management (WCM) 

assetSERV’s ready integration with Adobe Experience Manager(AEM) enables users to easily transfer assets from assetSERV to AEM.  With assetSERV you can create, manage, deliver, and distribute digital assets across various channels such as websites (both mobile and desktop) and make them global, while keeping it personally engaging and relevant. All this while reducing time-to-market, bringing down duplicated efforts, and ensuring consistency.



Adobe In-Design Plugin

You can directly access assets stored in assetSERV using Adobe InDesign’s native editor and make or save required changes without downloading the file. The plugin enables creative designers to open assets directly from assetSERV in an InDesign layout. The Adobe InDe­sign engine helps leverage the design, layout, and typographical capabilities of InDe­sign to let you easily create automated documents.



Quick Pitch

assetSERV empowers its users by providing the ability to create presentations on-the-fly using Quick Pitch. It is a unique application that enables the production of custom PowerPoint presentations seamlessly using existing presentations in the assetSERV repository.



Social Media Integration

assetSERV’s social media integration capabilities helps you publish text posts, images, and videos to popular social networking websites like YouTube and Facebook. assetSERV leverages your organization’s social applications to augment productivity. assetSERV’s integration with apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and a host of other apps not only enables easy sharing, but also reduces time and effort required in social media promotions. It also discards  manual activities such as downloading, resizing and uploading.


Additional Integrations

assetSERV has several other integration available on demand with systems such as eCommerce integration with Hybris e-commerce suite; Product Information Management (PIM) integration with Hybris PIM suite; and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) integration with WSO2. 


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