Please answer the following quick start survey questions to assess your DAM Maturity in the people, process, platform and platform extension dimensions. Please choose an option that best describes the current state of your organization:

1) People *
People are the primary drivers for the success of any enterprise strategy. Here, we evaluate the adoption of digital asset management in your organization
2) Process: *
Processes add resilience and structure to the asset lifecycle. How equipped are your organizational processes to get the best out of your digital content?
3) Platform: *
Platform is the third pillar of a successful DAM strategy. Here, we measure the effectiveness of your current DAM product.
4) Platform Extension: *
A good DAM platform is the beginning. How well is it integrated into your enterprise ecosystem?
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Some elements of this survey have been adapted from the DAM Maturity Model by DAM Foundation and Real Story Group. The original version can be found by clicking here